Geographic Information Systems

Leverage geographic information.

Geographic Information Sytems is about more than just displaying a location marker on your web page Google map. It's about using complex APIs to understand and manipulate information to achieve your business goals.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) involve a variety of applications, from displaying sales data on a map to tracking your corporate fleet.

Geographic Data

At Transmissions we have been building systems that manipulate geographic data for the last 5 years.

We are familiar with issues like converting longitude/lattitude coordinates into a pixel position on the screen, computing distances in feet or meters while taking the earth's curvature into consideration. Converting a street address into longitude/lattitude coordinates, or vice versa.

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Been there, done that, which means we can focus on solving your business problem.

Google Maps, HERE Maps, leaflet, OpenLayers are just some of the maping technologies we are familiar with.

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